Services and Pricing

womanreadingnewWe have learned that hand addressing envelopes and postcards tends to bypass a JUNK MAIL FILTER.  We strongly recommend that “guerrilla marketers” make the extra effort required.  See the last paragraph on this page!

Contact Us (ays@ec,rr,com) and together, we will set up an account and determine the scope of the project(s), which will determine price.  This consultation is free!

We will then issue an invoice.  You may send a check, or use this PayPal button to finalize your purchase.  Thank You for this potential opportunity to be At Your Service!


Services and Prices

We will export your data records in your choice of: a PDF “report” (print these pages for ease when hand addressing), or in Microsoft Excel, Access, or delimited text file.  All output will be delivered via e-mail.

Initial Set-up Consultation: FREE

Most Effective Product: TARGETED NEW OWNERS! Only $44.99 per month brings the freshest information; but $99.99 (for a quarterly report…three months at once) brings significant savings!  Monthly reports, billed quarterly, in advance, are $96.50 (an 8% discount off of the monthly price).

We also offer a ONE TIME LIST of Targeted Owners.  Our one-time fee includes one free consultation (to jointly explore your needs), and a free setup to include up to three search criteria.  Should we jointly discover your search criteria and/or our setup process will be more complex, we will give a firm price for the extra work before we begin.

$124.99, payable in advance, is our minimum fee for a ONE TIME report.  This will purchase about 2,300 records.

What if My “Result Set” has MORE Than 2,300 Records?

  • 2,300 to 6,119 Records:  $0.055 (5.5 Cents) per Record;
  • 6,120 to 16,399 Records:  $0.040 (4.0 Cents) per Record;
  • 16,400 to 33,332 Records:  $0.035 (3.5 Cents) per Record; and
  • Over 33,000 Records:  $0.02 (2.0 Cents) per Record.
  • If your record count is relatively close to an above break-point, at our option we may price your project at the next lowest rate per record.  For example should your estimated Result Set be 32,000 records, we may give you the $0.02 per record rate.

Above products come Mail-Merge ready.

No one to prepare and mail your marketing pieces? Keep us supplied with your marketing materials(s), business cards, etc. We will hand address each piece (no mailing labels for our clients), the supply first class postage and mail for you.

Hand addressing tends to pass right through the best junk mail filter!

The following “per piece” prices also include the cost of targeted owners to mail to.

Hand Addressed Post cards: $0.72 each for standard sizes (and you supply the post cards…)

Letters: $1.26 each for up to three 8.5 X 11 sheets of paper and a reasonable amount of color.

Our support includes printing and collating up to three folded enclosures.  We supply standard sized, white, 24 lb paper, business envelopes, and printer supply any business cards or brochures to be included in the envelopes.

Should you specify non-white (colored) paper and envelopes, we ask that you supply the paper and envelopes for a $0.10 reduction “per piece”.  Also should enclosures generate an extra postage charge from the USPS, this extra cost will be billed to you).