Promote Your Business

Do You Have Enough Business?


WebMeetingSmall_dreamstime8781244Then let’s brainstorm together…

We offer FREE marketing consultation to define the life style of your current customers, and develop criteria to find similar prospects. The possibilities may astound!

Step 1: Develop or Review Marketing Piece(s)

If you already have done this, proceed to Step 2…

Introduce your products or services, or announce a sale or other event, with a SIMPLE postcard, letter, brochure, or flyer. You know your company and customers better than anyone else and, if needed, we stand ready to assist.

Or … our printer partner has professional graphic artists on staff and can truly bring your ideas to life.

Step 2: Target Your Best Prospects

This is our specialty! Call Hank today – 910-431-3951 or click here to send us a message.

One customer wanted to target new home buyers (owner occupants only) on roughly 750 residential streets, and we can do that! We will, however, quote such a specialized setup on a time and materials basis.

Step 3: Hand Address, Hand Stamp, Mail

Hand addressing tends to bypass a prospect’s “junk mail” filter!

Please remember…our philosophy is to provide smaller but highly targeted mailing lists (these are not mass mailings).  Should your staff have no time for this task, we stand ready to handle it for you on a “per piece” basis which will include the cost of the mailing list and the cost of the stamps.