Real Property Investors:

We track New Hanover County’s foreclosures on a weekly basis!

To add value to our extensive and detailed database of real properties in New Hanover County, we visit the office of the Clerk of Court, weekly, to gather changes to foreclosure information.  We then match that raw data to the records in our database, which dramatically increases the amount of known information about each property in the foreclosure process.


Foreclosure listings are available on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis.  Your need for the freshest possible data should guide your decision…

Weekly Pre-Auction Reports (fresh report every Monday or Tuesday)

  • $25.00 per week, billed monthly based on the count of Mondays in the month; or alternately
  • $300.00 per quarter (an 8.3% discount compared to monthly invoices), payable in advance;
  • While at the Courthouse, without extra charge for weekly clients, we will also check “upset bid” records for two auctions.  Each additional property checked: $12.50.

Other Scheduled Pre-Auction Reports (fresh reports as appropriate)

  • $60.00 per month, bi-weekly reports, billed monthly, or $165.00 billed quarterly (in advance);
  • $34.99 per month, monthly reports, billed monthly, or $96.50 billed quarterly (in advance);
  • $74.99 per quarter, quarterly reports, billed quarterly.

Post-Auction Services

We will investigate the “upset bid” records in the office of the Clerk of Court, and make an immediate phone call from the Courthouse.  As the client wishes, we will file a same day upset bid as your agent.

  • We will make a special trip to the Courthouse to check the “upset bid” records for up to three properties.  Our fee for this special service is $100.00, and $12.50 for each additional property.
  • If a client wishes to keep funds sufficient to upset a competing bid in our Escrow Account (100% refundable if not used): we will make a bank-run, return to the office of the Clerk of Court with cash, and will lodge a new upset bid as agent for the client.  Working with a client’s immediately available escrow funds, our fee for this service: $25.00.  Otherwise our minimum fee will be $100; the balance being contingent upon time and materials charge for an in-person contact with the client.