Calling really small businesses in the Wilmington, NC area:  Do you need more customers?

mailboxWe are At Your Service, LLC – marketing consultant for the small businessman and woman.

Some seem to fear the word marketing but this is a critical activity and we’re here for you!

In 2010 the Wall Street Journal said, “Despite the prevalence of digital media, entrepreneurs find old fashioned direct mailings still key to winning customers.”

But mass mailings are expensive and inefficient.  We address both of these issues with a fresh solution … we help define who is buying your services or products and target New Hanover County’s real property owners of similar lifestyle and strongly recommend hand addressing and hand stamping your marketing pieces. In these ways we divide the cost of your mailing campaign and multiply its effectiveness!

How can we target (find) your new prospects, your new sales leads?

We maintain an extensive real property database in New Hanover County and know how to mine this data to find your new customers.

Our select criteria include (but are certainly not limited to):

  • waterfront real estate in New Hanover County, or only that in Wrightsville Beach, or Carolina Beach, or Kure Beach, or Figure 8 Island;
    • oceanfront or first row, or second row, or just “at the beach”;
    • sound front (ICWW front), or only property having a pier and/or boat slip;
    • creek front, or river front, (ditto about piers or boat slips);
  • golf course front property, or property in golf communities; or
  • owner occupied houses or vacation homes within any range of size or age;
  • bank owned property, about to go to foreclosure auction, or just sold out of foreclosure;
  • houses having a swimming pool; or more than __ square feet of deck or porch area;
  • property sold last month, or sold within the last year, or sold __ years ago;
  • et cetera – the possibilities are almost limitless!


Our most effective product is a highly targeted monthly listing of buyers of owner occupied houses or vacation homes (not only those at the beaches).  Many of these buyers are families who are new to the area and who might be looking for you!  As always we offer one-time, targeted mailing lists.

Forget mass mailing campaigns; even those as small as one zip code.  We can target individual subdivisions, or collections of subdivisions classified as A Rated (high end), B Rated, C Rated, et ceteraWe have an amazing menu of real property-specific select criteria!   For example:

  • Investment Counselors: Target real estate investors who own more than __ tracts of real estate, or those who own commercial property worth more than __ dollars, or those who own property in targeted “A Rated” subdivisions, or just last month’s “A Rated” buyers!
  • Spa Sales and Services: Target homeowners who have in-ground swimming pools, or the owners of houses having more than __ square feet of porch or deck area (we can even target owner occupied homes over __ square feet having over __ square feet of land)!
  • Interior Decorators / Furniture and Gift Stores: New homeowners will buy for the house, and will spend more within six months than established residents spend in years!
  • Plumbers / Painters / HVAC Companies / Garage Door Specialists: Target new owners of properties just sold out of foreclosure (these are true “as is” sales) or all sales!
  • Roofing Contractors: Target owners of __ to __ year old houses with no recent building permit issued, or only last month’s buyers of the same type of property, foreclosed or not.
  • Homeowner’s Insurance Agents: Instead of targeting new buyers, target those who closed eleven months ago – these owners may be anxious to compare your rates!
  • Cosmetologists: Target all homeowners within __ miles of your location, and then target homebuyers within the same area (they missed your overall mailing)!
  • Boat Sales and Services: Target new owners of Intracoastal Waterway front property, and/or creek front property, and/or river front property, and/or marsh front property, or only such properties that also have piers and/or boat slips!

We also offer:

  • Marketing Piece Development:  Our “printer partner” has experts in Graphic Design on staff.  Whether or not we assist you with this, they will bring your marketing ideas to life!
  • Fold, Stuff, and Mail Services:  If needed, we will hand address/stamp your marketing pieces for mailing (most of our targeted monthly mailings are less than 100 pieces).
  • Real Estate Consultation:
  • Foreclosures – We offer fresh listings of auction dates and times, and advice.
  • ad valorem Tax Appeal Advice – We offer appeal advice and a listing of recent sales within your neighborhood or other delineation of surrounding market area.